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Poster: Howl1346 Date: Dec 21, 2020 4:44pm
Forum: software Subject: FATE (old win xp game)

Okay so here`s my problem;

I used to play an old game called FATE way back in about 2005
Now recently, I thought; "Hey, this Windows XP is pretty old, I should probably upgrade to something newer" so I had someone come and upgrade my computer to Windows 7. Unfortunately the upgrade erased everything on my computer. But that`s okay I have a backup.
However, when I try to play it I get an 'application error this game will now exit' :(
I bought it on a program called DISCover if that helps. (no, I didn`t back it up and I can`t find it anywhere on the web)

If someone could help me solve this, I would greatly appreciate it. I loved that game!